My New Years Resolutions

Most people start planning their new years resolutions before the new year starts, but for me it took a little bit longer to contain my thoughts while self reflecting and deciding what I really needed to work on in order to grow as a person, friend, sister, girlfriend, and every other aspect of my life. I have finally come up with my top three resolutions that I believe many people could benefit from! So here’s my thoughts, my flaws, and me being completely transparent in the areas I’m not as good at being the best version of myself…

1) I N T E N T I O N A L

I know this is such a common phrase attempted by countless people and often failed by many as time goes on. But the importance is there begging to be taken in whole heartedly and practiced every day until it comes so naturally that it’s no longer a “resolution” but a lifestyle.

To those people that seem to contain every characteristic that makes you question your sanity, run in the opposite direction, or even worse… actually consider expressing exactly what you think about them to their face. **harsh** – stop hiding. Embrace those people and seek out the good in them. Everybody has it. Be brave enough to intentionally pursue their heart, pray for them, get to know them better, and more often than not a beautiful friendship will develop from it. It’s always better to be known as the person who is kind to everyone than the one with enemies, the gossiper, or the one who turns away from relationship opportunities.

To the relationships that we already consider to be apart of our lives forever. Don’t ever take advantage of those people. Never neglect those frienships because you are so sure they will never go anywhere. Let them know how much they are cherished, how blessed you are to have them, and always continue to grow together. No one is promised tomorrow. Overuse “I love you”, hug way too often, and no matter how tired you are, spend time with the ones that matter most to you. The friends that I have and have been around for years now, if they are still willing to put up with me, then they sure do deserve the world. This includes family. Yes, they are kinda stuck with you… but make that an enjoyable experience. They are the ones that really will never leave.

2) F E A R L E S S

Lately I have been really asking myself, what exactly am I so afraid of? Why am I allowing myself to carry around the weight of anxiety with me everyday? It sure does make for an unnecessary tiring lifestyle. For as long as I can remember, I have been scared. And honestly, I don’t even have any reasons why. This year I plan on letting go of the worry, the anxiety, and the fear. Handing all of that weight over to God, the one that is willing to bear all of that for me is the most freeing experience you can have. God created me perfect in His image. He has blessed me with talents and gifts that He expects me to use, not let go to waste. I have finally decided it is time to embrace those gifts, to use them for His glory, and to start chasing the life He has created for me. No more caring about what others will think of me, no more worrying about what others are doing and if it matches up with my lifestyle, no more anxiety about every move I make and instead, start accepting the confidence that comes along with a life with Christ.

3) K A I R O S

The one specific place in my life I am sure I have fallen short is seeking and noticing when God is moving in my life. I find myself more often than not giving myself the glory, not God.

That job I got that is giving me the experience I need in my future endeavors? Yeah that was because of me. All of those friends I’ve been blessed with? That must be because I’m just really cool and sometimes funny. That unexpected relationship that has blessed me so much? Must be because I’m such a nice and accepting person. Let me stop myself right there…. nothing I have ever done, nothing that I will ever do, will ever make me worthy of the gifts, opportunities, and experiences I have been given. None of my successes I’ve had in life, nothing gained, nothing given, was ever made to happen for my glory. But instead, for me to glorify God through my success, happiness, and relationships.

God is always in control. He has lined up opportunities in order for me to use the gifts he has blessed me with and put me in positions where He wants to use me in the lives of others and make a difference in the world under His name. He has given me, as well as taken away people throughout my life according to the season I am in and in order for me to learn, grow, and experience emotions that will only benefit me in the future. Nothing happens by chance. Everything is designed by the heart of God. He has laid out a path for you that will bring you undeserving, endless love. The only thing we must do in return is to acknowledge Him and give Him the glory. Pretty simple if you ask me. In my church growing up they taught us about Kairos moments. We were asked to identify times in our life or throughout our week when we had seen God move through us, for us, or around us. I promise, when you start seeking, these moments will become more noticeable and prominent than ever. What better time to start watching out for these moments than with the new year we are all facing ahead of us. New year, new situations, new Kairos moments- take that as the most exciting and rewarding adventure you could embark on.

My challenge to y’all:

No matter what your New Years resolutions are, stick to them. The obedient are always blessed. Smile at a stranger and hand out compliments like they are going out of style. Spend time with someone you normally wouldn’t. Ask them genuine questions and get to know them better. Call your family often and tell them you love them. Live fearlessly and accept confidence into your heart: it will change your life forever. Notice where God is moving in your hearts, minds, and souls. He never leaves you, nor forsakes you. Walk with him and give Him the glory.

Start off each morning with a big cup of coffee, a whole lot of Jesus, and conquer your day. One step at a time.

Lots of love for each and every one of you,


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